REWARDMEMORE - BSM/SBA Express is a rip off here's some info that might be helpful

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This company took out of my account s BSM/SBA Express. Here's how they got my information: I was offered a free CD, pay shipping only.....this way, they get your credit card information. Then they took out $33.87 under the name REWARDMEMORE, I called the 800 # that was given on my credit card statement, phone has been disconnected.

after reading the fine print this you are getting a trial membership

Go to your bank/credit card company and dispute the charge. Have your card cancelled and another one issued. This way they are unable to debit you anymore if you used a credit/debit card. Good Luck

Review about: Free Dvd.


Grantham, New Hampshire, United States #4862

My husband received the cd and the charges messed up his bank account so I called 866-370-7270 and cancelled this program I was given confirmation numbers. Sounds like *** to me so take the steps and close off your accounts just to be safe.

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did anyone actually even get the cd

Pass Christian, Mississippi, United States #4198

Hello Patricia,

I too have been taken advantage of the same co.Here is the # for network agenda.


I talked with them this am and they said they would refund my 9.95.Good luck to you.

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The samething happened to me..I was supposed to get a CD from Grant Mall and was supposed to pay just for S+H..Well, this month I saw 2 charges, one for this BSM/SBS Express, for $7.95..When I called them, at the 800 number, not only was it disconnected, but it had a recording that said.that said 344-9900 is no longer in service, well the 800 number that is on my statement is 800-986-2640.

I am disbuting the charges as soon as I finish this complaint.I havent been able to get i touch with Network agenda, but I will keep everyone posted..

Patrice is :( :upset

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